3D Virtual Reality

Radical Galaxy Virtual Reality Walkthrough DemoAlong with aerial photography & videography, SkyeCam Studios together with Radical Galaxy offers fully immersive virtual reality experiences, animations, 360 Virtual Reality videos and architectural renderings for multi-use, commercial and residential properties. Our team of professionals have the experience, know-how and creativity to provide a unique and tailored solution which we will demonstrate in the pages to come. We will make the user experience seamless in every way and make it an attractive tool for both internal use and for external marketing and sales.

Using rendered Virtual Reality is a better way to get your vision across during the design process. VR will greatly enhance your working process and save you valuable time. By creating a 3D world, we will give your team, partners, planners the ability to experience and approve all the plans before a single brick needs to be laid.

There are many features that can be built into VR to give users an interactive, game-like experience, including the ability to walk into and out of buildings or up and down the stairs, the ability to change the outside lighting from day to night, the ability to move objects around, and the ability to interact with the environment. Please view our web-demo here.

In addition to our high-quality virtual renderings, we also use our in-house spherical 8K resolution 6-camera 3D rig to capture beautiful interactive views of properties that are already built and ready for show.

Our team consists of architects, interior designers, game designers, and FAA registered drone pilots. Our renderings can be viewed in products such as desktop applications, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and web browsers.

The main groups of people we work with on our 3D/VR products are:

  1. Developers who are looking to presell or market their properties before construction is complete.
  2. Business owners or building owners who have an out of date office space and are looking to remodel which will help attract new business or lease their space.
  3. Sub work under architects, interior designers, landscape designers etc.
  4. Home Owners who are looking to remodel, but can’t visualize how different elements come together.
  5. Aerial Photography/Videography. We are registered with an FAA exemption for commercial drone flight and can even fly our in-house 3D spherical camera rig.